Fine Timber. Tasmania

Fine Timber Tasmania is a not-for-profit association, with membership reflecting all components of the special timber supply chain; growers, processors, makers and retailers.

It is the owner of a Chain of Custody certificate, certified to AS4707 and recognised under the Australian Forest Certification Scheme. This provides an assurance of the legal and sustainable origin of logs, being a key selling point for high value timber products.

The FTT Chain of Custody is managed on behalf of Fine Timber Tasmania Inc by Tasmanian Quality Assured and independently audited by Global Mark, an assurance of quality and integrity. The system is growing in acceptance and now has the main special timber processors either as licencees accredited to use the system or applicants. It is present in high profile sites such as the Salamanca Market where a majority of woodcraft stalls have applied to become licensees. It is becoming a requirement of entry into discerning markets within Australia and internationally.

Furniture manufacturers, designer makers and other commercial users are joining as the system grows in acceptance as an assurance that special timber purchased or within product is legally sourced from sustainably managed forests certified to the Australian Forest Certification Scheme.

No matter where you are in the chain, the Fine Timber Tasmania Chain of Custody has the potential to add value to your fine timber product.

Chain of Custody Certified Fine Timber Tasmania

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